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  •  in Raleigh - Peck's Taekwondo America - Our Next Yoga Session Starts Soon

    Our Next Yoga Session Starts Soon

    Our next yoga session will be starting soon! Here is all the info including dates, times and cost. 5 week session Friday Mornings 10:15-11:30 AM $65 for the session ( Aug. 18 - Sept. 22th ) August 18 August 25 Sept 8 Sept 15 Sept 22 This class is open to all experience levels ages 13 and up. Use the contact form to request more information ....

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  • June Testing

    Promotional Testing is This Weekend! Our Promotional Testing is being held this weekend at The Fountain of Raleigh
    Register by Wednesday
    to test! No Classes Fridayor Saturday Register Here Saturday 6/3
    9:00 AM - Little Dragons & Junior White - Sr. Orange Belt 10:00 AM- Junior Green - Sr. Brown Belt 11:00 AM - Junior Sr. Red & Black Belts 12:00 - All Adults & Teens ....

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  • June Word of the Month-Success

    Dear parents and/or guardians... This month we will discuss success. Success means something different to each individual, but achieving success requires the same skills such as determination, preparedness, hard work and dedication. HOW CAN YOU HELP?
    Educate your children about goal setting. Help your child develop their own defnition of success. Children get more enjoyment out of activities and learning if they are allowed to measure their own growth and progress.
    Let your children fail. Letting your children fail can be one of the most critical things to help your children learn. Just as when they were toddlers learning to walk, you let them fall so they ....

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  • May Word of the Month-Character

    This month we are learning about character. Having a good character is essential to earning your black belt and living your life in a positive manner. Building good character with positive qualities is important to the growth of every child. Parents need to help their children develop strong character traits while maintaining a fit and healthy body. You want your children to have honesty, dignity, courtesy, humility, tenacity, respect, discipline, focus and so much more as they continue to grow and learn to become productive teenagers, adults and black belts. • Educate your children. Teach them about the different attributes and traits people can have. Be sure to educate them on ....

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  • Confidence

    Teaching our Children to Soar with Confidence! Confidence CONFIDENCE IS ABOUT THE ACTIONS YOU TAKE IN EVERYDAY LIFE. CONFIDENT PEOPLE ACT UPON THEIR AMBITIONS AND DESIRES AND DO NOT LET FEAR STAND IN THE WAY. THEY USUALLY HAVE HIGH SELF-CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM. Dear parents and/or guardians... This month we are learning about confidence. It is important for your children to look, and act confident in everything they do. Martial arts are a great extracurricular activity to help them build confidence in themselves and their skills. By going to class every day, they are constantly gaining more con dence in themselves as a person. HOW CAN YOU HELP?
    Be a role model. Confident ....

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