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Saturday February 8th

help us put an end to bullying

Over 160,000 kids miss school each day due to bullying. Join us for our Bully Awareness Workshop and help us end bullying once and for all.

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Saturday February 8th

at the bully awareness workshop you will learn about:


Learn the four types of bullying and how to successfully avoid them.


Learn about how bullying affects you, your friends and your community.


Get the knowledge you need to build confidence and help end bullying.


Learn essential techniques to help you avoid bullies and protect yourself.


If we work together we can be the positive change that our communities need to end bullying. That’s what this movement is all about!

– Isabella Caracta


Don’t let bullies or anyone else bring you down. Stay focused on working towards your goals. Go out there and live your best life!

– Tyler Weaver


To be the best that we can be, we can’t let other people affect us negatively. We’ll never reach our goals if we don’t follow our passions.

– Haley Glass


The power to believe in yourself is everything. That’s how you overcome anything in life. Don’t let a bully take that away.

– Allen Davies

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