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Yoga is a wonderful form of fitness that can help you discover your limits (both physical and mental) and then transcend those limits.

With Peck's Taekwondo America's Yoga classes you'll look great, feel great and be great. Our Yoga classes improve health, physical fitness and overall well being in our fun, safe, energetic environment.

Our students focus on breath, postures, sense withdrawal, concentration and meditation. Yoga will open your mind, body and soul to a whole new experience of life. This class will teach you to let go of any expectations that you have for your practice or your life in general. The Yoga class focuses on teaching peace, love, grace and happiness!


No matter what your age, this program in Raleigh will give you a sense of peace, beauty and joy that cannot be explained in words. As you break through your physical barriers and limitations, your mental barriers will also melt away leaving you more alert, calm, efficient and open.

Be prepared to sweat, fall over and go upside down!

Why wait to get into incredible shape. Sign up for Peck's Taekwondo America's amazing fitness classes today. Just fill out the short form on the side of this page to get all the information you need to get started on the new you!

Is yoga for me? This class was designed by Julie Ducatte who has 20 years of experience to teach new yoga students, students who have never tried yoga before, as well as experienced yoga students. Come Play and learn how to skillfully align yourself using clear instructions and Universal Principles of Alignment. Julie will present each class with a heart opening theme and alignment principles so that each student will learn how to skillfully align their bodies, mind, and heart. Students will be introduced to the basic yoga poses and more. Discover how the heart opening practice of yoga can create more joy, happiness, peace of mind in your life.

You can learn about Julie and her training by clicking here.

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